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please admin help me quickly

Started by dadiaba 2016-12-30 at 06:25
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Sir,I want to upgrade my membership, t I am confused because in upgrade page you are saying 100℅ click rate in all membership.
So,when I am a standard member I see $0.001 ads and when I will upgrade my membership then I will revive $0.001 ads or some big ads.
Please sir answer me quickly and please tell me what is the click rate for all membership
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hello there ,
i have answered your Question within your Ticket .
Anyway i will answer it here so also other people knows how it works

The Main thing between Paid membership and free membership
is When you have Referrals ,
So when you are in a free membership you will earn 35% of them and able to only rent 50 max
but when you are paid membership you will earn 75% of them you will be able to rent up to 500 max

The rest are the same ..
Site is new So you might face some issues
and if you did face some issues please Report it as soon as possible To me by opening a Ticket
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